• Cookie soon made her mark and became the most recognized woman auctioneer in the country selling auctions from coast to coast and border to border. –PAUL C. BEHR, President, World Wide College of Auctioneers562862_659219394097225_334938762_n


  • Funny jokes, a great sense of humor, she really gets people moiving, gets people going, gets people alive…. And she really does get a lot more for our live auctions than we ever would for a silent auction. –CANDICE LOMBARDO, Executive Director Tread of Pioneers Museum


  • In the auction world Cookie is truly an icon.  She paved the way for women auctioneers throughout the world.  As the (first) female inducted into the National Auctioneers Hall of Fame she has turned a male dominated profession into one where many of the top auctioneers are women.  She is a person that always has a can do attitude and she preforms.  She cares about each client and each project making the process personal. –SCOTT SHUMAN, Partner Hall and Hall Auctions, and 2014 Colorado Auctioneers Association Champion Bid Caller




  • Cookie IS limelight, her personality is huge, her heart is huge, and her accomplishments have been huge. –MARLES HUMPHRY


  • “… I was at the Westwood college graduation this last December and got a chance to see you give the keynote speech. Just wanted to say again thank you so much for your service to our community of young people. We were there to see a former high school student graduate (he is also part of our youth group at church) and it was such a pleasant surprise to hear such a lively speech. Being a teacher, I can say that my MANY experiences with graduation guest speakers have not all been pleasant, a lot of times it’s when I rest my eyes. But I was moved by your story, encouraged by your joy, laughter and contagious candor. I hope to catch (you) at the Stock Show this month and in the future. You have a story that young people need to hear and older folks need to be reminded about. Success and happiness takes longevity and perseverance to produce fruit that lasts. Such a great message. Thanks again for making it a memorable experience for not only the graduates but the whole audience. You are the epitome of a great Colorado spirit. Much continued joy to you ma’am.” –KASEY NUNN